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Safari Philosophy
Safari's ultimate goal ...
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Safari Philosophy

Our unique Safari Philosophy is based on three core principles - Connect, Empower and Inspire.

By effectively establishing a connection to themselves, their environment and to others, your child will realise their individual potential, talents and abilities. Once this conscious awareness is established, your child will become empowered by their uniqueness and begin to appreciate and accept what wonderful human beings they are. As a result of this connection and inner empowerment, your child is free to be truly inspired to follow their own life path.

Safari's ultimate goal ...

Safari's ultimate goal is to provide for the development of grounded, centered and well-balanced children who are at peace with their own identities and like themselves for who they are. Safari embraces the ideology of wellness.

All our work directs your child towards:

  • enhanced self-awareness
  • enhanced self-esteem
  • enhanced self-worth
  • enhanced self-confidence